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Cybersecurity software is vital to every organization. Especially those that drive its business activities by using computers and internet services. These computers contain relevant data and information that are vital to the success of business operations. Because of this, there is a need for this software. The spate of security threats faced by many organizations makes cybersecurity the solution to adopt. This will help prevent unauthorized access to computer networks. Cybersecurity also protects your data from theft that might cause damage to your business or your customers. This software is important because it helps you take preventive measures using some key encryption methods. Here is a list of some of the best cybersecurity software you can chose from.


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Filewall is designed to support odix’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. It is a native file sanitization plugin meant to secure Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Filewall is built to supplement Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender. As a result, your email attachments will have real-time protection against any form of attack. It works by getting rid of these hidden threats before the mail reaches the user’s inbox. The Filewall plugin also uses NextGen Technology to eliminate malware hidden in files by disarming them from both external and internal email traffic and provide a sanitized file for safe usage.

Filewall comes with some amazing features such as; one-click service activation. suitable add-on for EOP and Defender. No sandbox-related delays. Deep file protection. It offers protection against known and unknown attacks. There is also vulnerability scanning for effective threat detection. It updates your site’s firewall when needed.


Apptrana, cybersecurity software

AppTrana works by tailoring protection based on your application needs. It identifies the vulnerabilities in the application and instantly botches them. With a complete managed security service, AppTrana continuously identifies your application security posture with a web security firewall. It does this through automated security scans and manual Pen-Testing. This software patches vulnerabilities through Indusface WAF with assured zero positives. AppTrana improves the performance of your site using distributed global edge locations. You can also use the integrated AppTrana WAF portal to view the risk posture of your application and business impact. With AppTrana, you can filter requests from specific Geo-location IP addresses. It is very effective in D Dos attack protection.


Teramind, Cybersecurity software

Teramind is one of the best cybersecurity software that helps organizations monitor the activities of their employees. It carries out user behavior analytics and also prevents data loss. It uses a customizable report to identify individual or team productivity levels. Teramind also helps track social media use and time spent on assigned projects. The user analytics behavior checks potential threats in real-time and identifies behavior anomalies. The OCR, fingerprint, and content discovery features help prevent data loss. Teramind user activity monitoring feature ensures that user activity complies with internal security policies and regulatory requirements. The software also automates risk detection and block unwanted employee behavior.


SiteLock is an automated cybersecurity software solution that protects your business website from cyber threats. If you are doing a business that requires the use of credit cards by your clients for any online transaction, you need software like Sitelock to protect your client’s credit card information. Sitelock is PCI compliant and also comes with a VPN that prevents any risk that results in the use of the internet. SiteLock is built to help small and medium business owners get affordable cybersecurity solutions for their businesses and customers without breaking the bank. You can also use Sitelock to scan your WordPress site to protect it from all D DOS attacks. It automatically removes malware and also carries out behavioural analytics. The software is easy to install, and also has a dashboard through which you can monitor your website.


Use Tines to effectively automate your workflows. You can use it to connect any rest API or web application. This software will help you improve your team’s productivity, by monitoring actions, with thousands of templates. It has unlimited use cases and can allow you to collaborate across your organization. As a business, you need to pay attention to visibility and Tines allows you to automate less important tasks, control team activities while driving accountability. It also comes with cloud and on-premise infrastructure for easy deployment.

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