8 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Promote Your Business

Digital marketing tools are key to the growth of your business.

Digital marketing is any business activity done on the internet. It means using digital channels or platforms to promote or advertise a business. Digital marketing is sometimes targeted at an online audience. It is used in creating brand awareness. There are different tactics involved in digital marketing and many businesses engage the services of digital marketing experts to generate leads, build a customer base and make extra sales. These experts use digital technologies such as computers and smartphones, social media, and search engine channels to engage their online target audience. You will find the best and the latest digital marketing tools you can use to boost your business online and grow your wealth effortlessly.

Social media marketing tools

1.Twitter For Business

digital marketing software

Twitter is a powerful platform for digital marketing. With 166 million active users, Twitter as a digital marketing tool has the potential to boost your online sales. The platforms offer you the opportunity to connect and engage your audience effectively. Another interesting thing about Twitter for business is that you will be able to track and follow brands that interest you, and also know what is trending in your industry.

You can also increase your following by posting frequently which makes it possible to share your ads with a larger audience, build brand awareness and interact with influencers who can help spread your message for a wider reach. It also helps you get instant feedback from your followers about your business campaign which ultimately impacts your marketing strategy.

2.Facebook Power Editor

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Facebook power editor is a tool that helps you manage your ads campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. With this tool, you can decide where and when to run your ads. It also helps you track your campaign performance. The design features are very dynamic. For instance, if you are running a campaign, you can write your copy and customize your design to suit your needs. You can also test the responsiveness of your ad on different devices. Ad Manager allows you to manage your audience and placement and also carry out bulk editing of ads.

The reporting tool helps you monitor your campaigns and make adjustments where necessary. There are two methods of creating ads with the manager. Quick creation and Guided creation. Guided creation uses a step-by-step wizard to guide you in case you are stuck. Quick creation allows you to express your creative abilities and set up an ad according to your desire.

3.Woobox Digital Marketing Tool

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Woobox is a great tool that you can use to create all kinds of campaigns that can run on social media, websites, email, landing pages as well as create campaign popups for your website. You can also run your campaigns on your mobile apps. With wood box, you can gather submissions from hashtag posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and forms from your landing pages.

You can easily grow your email subscribers by doing giveaway campaigns with woobox. It has a real-time integration that allows you to automatically signup email subscribers and export data through downloadable export files. You can use woobox to carry out the following campaigns:

Instant wins
Facebook tabs
Winner picker

4.Wyng Digital Marketing tool

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Wyng is a campaign management tool that allows you to connect with and interact with your customers? It will help you improve your marketing performance and also boost online sales. You can use it to create polls, landing pages, contests, track clicks on your website, and record data at the point of sale.

Data collection is very vital in digital marketing. Wyng can help you collect data relevant to your business, and also analyze data to make an informed decision on subsequent campaigns. You can collect emails from your visitors, build a CRM database, improve users’ experience and help visitors get what they want. You can control how wyng works on your site.


Sliders, takeovers, gates, and more — triggered dynamically.

Sticky bars and buttons that expand, collapse, or link.

Always-on micro experiences anywhere on your website

Landing Page Tools

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Nanigan is an amazing social media advertising automation software. It is used in ads analytics, manage customer experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well as carry out performance assessments. Its cross-channel and cross-device features allow you to reach a larger customer base by advertising through different digital channels. Using Nanigan gives you control over bid placement with data intelligence.

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Sproutsocial is a social media management tool. It is one of the mosta very useful digital marketing tools for business owners. You can use it to create and manage your social media campaigns. It helps you monitor and engage your audience. Its data and analytics feature helps you take key business decisions. Sproutsocial gives you insight into social media activities as you discover trends that aid your marketing strategy. With this tool, you will be able to monitor your campaigns and assess their performance, manage your inbox, and schedule posts.

It is a perfect tool to engage and communicate with the team. They have effective customer service and an online community that helps you out when you are stuck. It has a user-friendly interface. You can use its social listing tool to find out who is interacting with your company and also use the reporting feature to make a comparative analysis of your company against your competitors and also search customers by location.

It comes with a social media dashboard and publishing, with the ability to view Twitter followers’ demographics and contact details. You can also use it to search for customers based on interest, and also analyze engagement and performance scores. It has an integrated publishing and analytics tool with live activity updates.

Email marketing tools

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Converkit is a powerful software for creators. Its email marketing services are perfectly designed for upcoming bloggers. It can be used for email automation, create email signup forms, and also build landing pages with other digital tools integration. Converkits email marketing services help you promote and market your products through the right channels. It has beautifully designed templates for custom landing pages, and likewise easy to embed customizable opt-in forms. 

Converkit is a free tool with an affordable paid option that comes with amazing features. You will be able to save time and deliver your task on schedule as the converkit automation feature helps you with the most tedious work. You can easily organize your subscriber list and track conversion rate with your homepage dashboard. It is a great tool to connect with your audience, build your email list and grow your business through email marketing. Converkit support is always on standby to assist you and you can also connect and share experiences with the converkit community.

8.Mailchimp Digital Marketing Tool
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Mailchimp is a digital marketing tool that allows you to create beautifully branded emails. The platform also offers a custom domain service alongside a free website. Mailchimp provides you with a lot of marketing options to reach your customers and grow your business. You can enhance your customer’s shopping experience with amazing landing pages to boost your sales.

You can grow your subscriber base with pop-ups and signup forms and create ads for social media campaigns. Mailchimp boasts powerful tools that are effective for all kinds of digital marketing services. You can integrate your WordPress site with Mailchimp block to grow your audience, personalize your campaigns, get automatic updates on campaign performance, and also create graphics for your ads.

You can get responses from your audience with the MailChimp survey tool. Mailchimp also has an email automation feature that allows you to create automated emails without having to do the job all the time by yourself. Some important features of MailChimp include:

Audience dashboard
Behavioral targeting
Marketing CRM
Content studio
Reports and analytics
Landing Pages

In conclusion, there are many other useful digital marketing tools out there apart from the ones on this list. They are all effective tools you can use to add value to your business. With the right applicatio,n however, these digital tools can help you expand your business operations to reach a wider audience and make more money.


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